Sports programmes are often developed in partnership with clubs and other community groups and may involve interschool and club competitions.

Students require a range of structured, sequenced, and developmentally appropriate learning opportunities in sport studies. These include opportunities to develop:

Eastern Zone Sporting Events

Wharepapa South School is part of the Eastern Zone Cluster.  Each term, we get together with Arohena, Pukeatua, and Puahue to participate and compete in different events together.  This is a great way for our students to expend their friendship circles through some friendly competition. Each term, a different school hosts an event and provides baking to purchase as part of a fundraising opportunity.

These are whole day events and students need to be transported to and from the host school or venue by parents.  For the event that is hosted by Wharepapa South, we ask our families to help make the most of a fundraising opportunity by providing baking for either the junior or senior winter sports days.

Term 1 - Swimming

Eastern Zone (EZ) Swimming Sports is hosted by Pukeatua School over 2 seperate days. 

Junior Swimming Day (Years 0-3) allows our young students to show off their skills and confidence in the water wether its floating and blowing bubbles, or competing in a width of freestyle. 

Senior Swimming day also caters to the entire range of abilitities. Children are placed in similar ability groups to compete against other students in their year level.

Term 2 - Cross Country

Eastern Zone (EZ) Cross Country is hosted by Arohena school in Term 2.  There, students are taken on a guided walk through the stunning whenua at the back of the school and across the beautiful farmland so they know where each of their race tracks will be. 

Students are started at different times, starting with the youngest students first and finishing with the big 11+ year olds at the end of the day. It is always great to see our tamariki cheer each other on at these events.

Term 3 - Winter Sports

EZ Winter Sports is hosted by Wharepapa South School across 2 days. Students are placed into teams that are mixed with students from the other schools and play against other teams in a rotation throughout the day.  Children are challenged to learn about at least 2 new people they haven't met before and our Wharepapa students are tasked with helping to set up up the events. Senior students are provided with leadership opportunities as they help run some of the junior games and help the junior students know where to go and how to take part.

Our Junior Sports Day is held for the year 0-3 students where they demonstrate their gross motor skills through throwing, kicking and striking games.

The Senior Sports Day is held for the year 4-8 students where they can compete in games such as soccer, hockey, ki ō rahi, tāpu ae, bowls and miniball.

Term 4 - Athletics

EZ Athletics is hosted by Puahue School and held at the Te Awamutu Athletics Club.

Students are placed into groups with other students of the same age and gender and work their way through the activities in a rotation.

Activities that students compete in include high jump, long jump, discuss, shot put, sprints and relays.

Throughout the term, students work hard to refine their skills in these areas so they can give it their best on the day.

Traditionally, it is usually quite a hot day, so it is important that everyone takes a big water bottle to stay hydrated.

Team Sports

Throughout the year, students and families will be notified of any sporting opportunities that arise.  Often we can get enough students together to put in some teams for miniball, touch rugby and netball. If we don't have quite enough for a team, we collaborate with some of our neighbouring schools to make up a combined team.  We rely on parent helpers to manage and coach our children's teams.

We also promote other opportunities that come around through Te Awamutu Sports for families to take advantage of if they are able to.

Other Sporting Events

Colour Run

We host a fun colour run each year as a FUNdraiser. Here, children are able to run around a fun obstacle course while their parents and teachers can either join in, or blast them with a variety of colours on their way around. This is always a fun day and we encourage participation from as many parents and caregivers as we can to share the fun around.

Wharepapa Mud Run

During the winter, we are putting on a massive mud run for anyone who would like to take part. This is a massive event that is held over a couple of days. 

Rock Climbing

We are nestled amongst some incredible rock formations and are incredibly lucky to have formed a relationship with the wonderful people from Waipari Rock, Karl and Emma Shamansky.