What is Literacy about?

Literacy is about learning to use, create and enjoy the Literacy language in all its forms – oral, written and visual communication.

How is Literacy structured in the New Zealand Curriculum?

Literacy is structured into two interconnected strands:

Making Meaning  |  listening, reading and viewing.

Creating Meaning  |  speaking, writing and presenting.

Students need to practice making meaning and creating meaning at each level of the curriculum.

How is Literacy taught at our school.

We believe that our students need to practice making and creating meaning for the following purposes:

At Wharepapa South School we use the iDeaL Approach. 

iDeaL is a complete and comprehensive approach that lifts literacy outcomes for ALL akonga. 

With the support of Learning Matters in Te Awamutu, as a school we use this science backed, diagnostic, systematic and cumulative structure to support your child on their literacy journey. 

Here is an introductory video about Structured Literacy for you to get a better understanding of how it works.

For more information about how this is being implemented in your child's class, please feel free to talk to our teachers.