There are many different ways in which parents, as first educators of your children, can spend time with them, including:

▪   Play cards, board games

▪   Play ball games and be outside with them

▪   Watch and discuss the TV news, or read the paper together

▪   Read stories together

▪   Read non fiction books and discuss these

▪   Cook, sew, make things with them

▪   Take them to different places in the community

▪   Talk with them. In our busy world, your time is the most important thing you can give to your child.

Homework arises out of school work, therefore, the purpose of homework is predominately to practise a skill your child has learnt or to gather information. Homework may include spelling, reading, and basic facts.

Our goal is that children will be able to access their school learning from anywhere via the internet. Our wish is that they develop the skills necessary to do this and to carry out independent research.