Day to day dress code

For day to day learning, we don't have a school uniform that students are required to wear. As a rural school, students do tend to enjoy the outdoors a lot and can on occasion, get a bit messy. Wearing any 'nice' or 'going out' clothes to school is discouraged as there is potential for them to get dirty through art, water play, or sport activities. A change of clothes is encouraged.

We are a Sun Smart school at Wharepapa South. During terms 1 and 4, it is compulsory for students to wear a bucket or wide brimmed hat and ensure they have covered shoulders (no singlets or shoe string straps. They are also required to wear a rash shirt during swimming. These requirements are to protect their young skin from the harsh New Zealand sun.

School trips and sport events

Whenever we go out for trips or to sporting events, students are required to wear a school shirt and jacket.  These are available for purchase at the school office. The cost of these are available on request from the office.

We also have a small collection of sports shirts and jackets at school that we are able to loan out to our students for the day.  These need to be washed and handed back to the school after the event.