Costs involved in your child's schooling can come under the following headings. We ask that payments for the costs relevant to you be paid as soon as possible as we are unable to provide a 'credit' situation.  An invoice will be sent home each term to show any amounts you have paid as well as and owing costs that are coming up.

Bus Fees

If you live within the transport entitlement zone, there is no cost for your child to catch the bus to and from school. See the transport tab HERE to check details on this. If you are not in the transport entitlement zone, you will be charged $100 per student per term for catching the bus. Please note this is not a fee imposed by the school. It is charged directly from Go Bus.


You will be sent an invoice with stationery costs at the beginning of the year. We collect and purchase all stationery items in an attempt to ensure children start school with all the correct gear from day 1, and we are often able to get a great price by purchasing in bulk.


School shirts and jackets are required for trips and sport events. These are available for purchase at the office. (We also have a small number available to borrow if needed. -These need to be washed and returned within a week of being used).

Class Camp

Each class attends a school camp each year. This could be based in either a beach, city, or bush type of setting. We do our best to keep costs involved in these camps as manageable as possible, often subsidising some of it as well.  You will be given plenty of notice when a camp is approaching and we encourage you to set up a payment plan to ensure costs are covered before the event takes place.

Sport Teams and Adventures

If you choose for your child to take part in a sport team such as netball, miniball or touch, there are often fees involved with this. The cost of this will be advised at the time you are signing up and are generally due before games begin. 

We also take students year 4 and above to the Tough Guy and Gal challenge each year. The school will usually subsidise this to reduce the cost.

Class Excursions

Generally, if there is a class trip coming up that is related to the learning that takes place at school, there will be no cost involved with this as the school will cover the cost, we will just need some helpers to help with transport and supervision.