Wharepapa South School

(07) 872 2826 14 Wharepapa South Road, RD7, Te Awamutu 3877
Wharepapa South School

Wharepapa South School offers modern classrooms, a multipurpose room and community library.  

We plan and work together, ensuring our students have consistent routines and expectations.  Children work between the spaces allowing for specialised teaching opportunities that meet the individual needs of all students.

Our curriculum combines the key competencies and values within the context 'Together we achieve more'. This is reflected in our teaching spaces and learning environments.

As you enter our learning spaces you will see a variety of student work showing new learning and pride in accomplishments.  Our rooms belong to our students. They are a reflection of the work they do and the pride they place in learning at Wharepapa South School.

Collaborative Learning Space

This is an open learning space catering for students from Y0-8.  There are two teachers working within this space full time which gives us a ratio of approx. 1:15.  

This ensures that children are able to work within small mixed ability, mixed age groups.  We work on the premise of age not stage.

Our teaching and learning philosophy is to celebrate individual and collective success.  Our students have ePortfolios where they are able to share and showcase their learning. 

Multi Purpose Room 

This is a fantastic space that is used for a variety of activities.  Assemblies, ICT, Piano, Cooking and our Play group sessions.


For a small school we have a fantastic library that we share with our community.  Adults are able to come and borrow books that have been donated from local families. 

Preschoolers are welcome to visit, enrol and borrow books.  We have an excellent range of picture books.

Outdoor Spaces

We are so very fortunate at Wharepapa South School to have plenty of spaces to play. 

 Our sealed court, swimming pool, sandpit,  playgrounds, fields, and natural rocks give us the perfect playground.